Restaurants worldwide face the same challenges day in and day out, starting from tough competition to extremely tight budgets. With the increasing pressure to stand out combined with brutally honest reviews on social media, many establishments have shifted their focus to innovation. Unfortunately, changing your menu, décor or even brand may not be enough to differentiate your restaurant. One aspect that demands your attention and fair share of innovation is workforce management, particularly workforce planning. This process is an essential part of operations, especially since it keeps your business together and protects it from falling apart.

If you really want to make this process efficient though, it’s about time that you get restaurant workforce planning software.

“I Already Know About Automating Workforce Planning!”

While it may hardly be a secret, the use of workforce planning software isn’t aWorkforce Planning Softwares widespread as it should. In fact, many restaurant owners and managers are still handling schedules, HR, payroll and communication via pen, paper and spreadsheets. As a result of these slow manual processes, important business opportunities can slip your hands if they haven’t already. This is especially true if you intend to expand further and hire more people. On the other hand, adopting workforce management tools will automate the administrative aspects of running your business, save your managers’ time and money, and allow everyone to focus on what they love to do.

“Isn’t this Software Complex and Costly to Implement?”

Most members of the restaurant and food service industry shy away from workforce management solutions because they believe they’re difficult to implement, complex, and expensive. However, today’s workforce planning tools are extremely user-friendly. Some are further backed by a highly qualified support team that’s available to answer any questions or resolve problems rearing their heads along the way. As for costs, these can be within your budget or even low considering the great value you get from the software.

“I Guess Getting Restaurant Workforce Planning Software isn’t a Bad Idea.”

You manager and staff will love you for adding workforce planning software to your restaurant. However, you need to check out all the options available before you invest in one. Since you’ve already considered our suggestion to use this software, here’s another valuable bit of advice: add Altametrics Enterprise Office to your list of potential tools.

Altametrics Enterprise Office is the choice of five of the top ten restaurant chains in the U.S., including the #1 operator worldwide. A web-based solution from Altametrics, it features a workforce planning tool as part of its Workforce Management module. Through it, you can schedule the right people at the right time, satisfying both your guests and staff. Complementing it are Labor Forecasting, Labor Law Marshal engine, and Human Resources and Labor Management tools.

That’s not all; Altametrics Enterprise Office prides itself on being a comprehensive restaurant solution that can be used at both store and corporate levels. The software features Universal Forecast, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and Business Intelligence modules. Through these, you can maximize your business’ performance, automate integral processes throughout your business, save time on mundane tasks, and discover profitable opportunities that can increase revenue and propel your brand to top ranks.

If you’re interested in learning why Altametrics Enterprise Office is the choice of Taco Bell, McAlister’s Deli, and Baja Fresh among others, request a demo or call at 1-800-676-1281.