Every employee in your restaurant plays a vital role in your success.  Those who serve your customers with a smile ensure the loyalty of those who step through your doors and guarantee their business for years to come. Meanwhile, the kitchen staff tantalizes the palate of your patrons while those behind the scenes ensure the efficiency of the overall restaurant to deliver a great experience to all. However, with so many responsibilities on their shoulders, your employees may be susceptible to employee stress.

A study based on the Permanent Life Situation Survey showed that one in seven hotel and restaurant workers end up stressed. Most of those surveyed identified the following issues as the main causes of their stress:

  • Having little or no control over their work
  • Dealing with troublesome clientsWorkforce Management
  • Lacking sleep or rest due to a long shift
  • Tight schedules
  • Monotonous work
  • Standing for long hours

Collectively, these are the results of inefficient employee scheduling. What’s worse is that these issues can affect your managers as well since they’ll need to become the ‘bad guys’ to get the work done or fill the gap themselves. If you don’t take matters in your own hands, you’ll lose the talented people who make your brand special, be it to ailments such as high blood pressure or to your competitors.

And this is why you need an employee shift scheduler.

A scheduler will help you create a balanced shift for each employee by analyzing their schedules, responsibilities and daily tasks. It’ll also prevent scheduling shifts back-to-back or fitting too many tasks in one day. As a result, your employees won’t have much on their plates (pardon the pun) and they can strike a peaceful balance between their work, family and social lives. In fact, you can even encourage them to take up exercise or meditation to keep their stress levels in control.

Having an employee shift scheduler will also benefit restaurant owners. In addition to giving you a reputation for being one of the best employers around, you’ll be able to generate schedules for days at a time without spending much of your time or effort. As a result, you can focus on core operations that demand your experience and expertise.

As the first choice of top American restaurant chains, Altametrics Enterprise Office proudly offers an online . The software further benefits employees and owners through features such as timekeeping, training, employee relationship management, and labor law regulation. Complementing these are numerous features spread across the software’s five modules: Universal Forecast, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Workforce Management, and Business Intelligence. Together, these can increase the efficiency of your restaurant while maximizing the productivity of your employees. And the best part is that no one will complain about employee stress because everyone will be happy, healthy and super-efficient.

To find out how Altametrics Enterprise Office can make a difference at your restaurant, talk to our representatives by calling at 1-800-676-1281 or request a demo to see our innovative software in action.