Higher Performance for Higher Education Food Services

Running food services for a bustling university system is like managing several different businesses all under one umbrella. Not only is a significant percentage of your workforce made up of students with constantly changing availability, but you also maintain several different food concepts. Some quick service, some cafeteria style, some fraternity and sorority house dining rooms, and more. All this on a budget that is constantly being scrutinized and cut, despite rising food costs. Altametrics Enterprise Office can help you keep food costs under control and effectively manage your ever-changing workforce, all while teaching your student employees how the top restaurant chains in the country do the same.

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Keep the Quick in Your Quick Service Restaurant

Empower Your Student Workforce

Your campus food services employ bright, young crewmembers who may be learning for the first time what it means to be part of a workforce. That means that sticking to a schedule, taking ownership of getting a replacement when they can’t make a shift, and communicating with managers is relatively new to them. The Altametrics Enterprise Office mobile team center makes it easy for employees to view their schedule on their mobile phones and swap shifts when necessary. This provides more time for managers to coach new employees rather than deal with constant scheduling issues, making for a happier, more engaged workforce and managment team, which keeps operations running smoothly.

Built in Business Intelligence

No one has the time to stop operations and learn complex reporting skills. Managers are too busy keeping everything functioning like clockwork and ensuring student guests are being fed. Altametrics Enterprise Office Business intelligence software is intuitive and easy to learn so managers pick it up rapidly and can create their own ad hoc reports in moments. And with our proven implementation process, the software is up and running quickly.

Mobile Inventory Cuts Inventory Time In Half

Everyone dreads taking inventory because, frankly, it’s a pain. With Altametrics Enterprise Office Mobile Inventory, counts are arranged in ‘shelf to sheet’ order to minimize footsteps while counting. Counts are entered into a tablet and are instantly updated without the separate data entry step needed when taking inventory with pencil and paper. There’s no messy handwriting to decipher so counts are not only updated more quickly, but they are more accurate too.

Need to Track Employees at Remote Work Sites?

Food services have sites all over your campus where employees are working, often without a supervisor on site. With our mobile timeclock functionality, student employees can clock into work using their mobile phones. Geolocation functionality ensures they are on the job when they are scheduled to be there, and the mobile timeclock automatically updates weekly timecards, streamlining payroll processing for your large crew.

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