Two decades ago, restaurants that tracked hourly employees resorted to manual timesheets or printed versions of Time Tracker Toolwhat today’s companies currently use. However, in today’s fast-paced industry, especially as there’s so much to do and almost no time left, managers and employees need to resort to effective time management strategies to utilize their best resources. One such strategy is implementing a time tracker.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, a time tracker tool isn’t an online timesheet where employees enter their weekly hours for managers to cross-check. Instead, this software is capable of helping the latter gain great visibility into the work day of each employee at your restaurant. You also get the following benefits by adding a tracker tool to your restaurant management system.

Monitoring Employee Performance

By tracking how much time your employees spent on the floor and comparing it with the number of guests they served, you can determine how efficient they are and ultimately reward them accordingly. Your employees will also grow more accountable and dedicated while serving your customers, which in turn will benefit your customers and restaurant.

Reducing Distractions

Knowing that a time tracker will report how much time they spent working will keep your employees on their toes. When complemented with other systems such as CCTV cameras that monitor your whole restaurant, this tool will force your employers to avoid distractions. As a result, they will be more focused and very dedicated while serving your clients.

Preventing Employee Stress Due to Hectic Schedules

A time tracker tool will track your employees’ work hours and save them in a central location. By accessing this data, you can determine which of your employees have completed their weekly work hour quota. For instance, if an employee has already worked 40 hours in one week, you can avoid scheduling them for more shifts. Not only will this spare them from the consequences of employee stress, but it’ll give others a fair opportunity to earn more through tips.

Improving Your Restaurant’s Overall Time Management

Tracking time keeps both your managers and restaurant staff in check, making them value the time they put into their work. Moreover, as they grow attentive to their work, they can improve efficiencies at both individual levels and throughout your establishment. Again, this will enhance the quality of your service and ensure more sales as clients will more frequently choose you over the competition.

Don’t expect all of these benefits with each time tracker tool though. Only the best of the best out there will deliver according to your expectations.

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