Task management is one of the essential parts of restaurant scheduling.  In addition to deciding which employees will work in which shifts, the process is used to determine daily sales as well as ensure that your restaurant’s operations are running smoothly. Luckily, task manager software can take care of this tedious task on your behalf. As a result, you can reap the following benefits quickly and focus on other aspects that demand your attention.

Facilitating Communication

With a reliable employee task manager, you can communicate assigned tasks and any changes in schedules without worrying about excuses such as “I don’t remember you telling me about any changes” or “I didn’t get a written memo, so I didn’t think you were serious”. This is especially important during the busiest seasons of the year when servers may decide to stay in rather than face demanding clients. Therefore, sending them the details of their shift via email or text will ensure their availability when you need them.

Finding the Right Staffing Balance

With the help of a task manager, you can avoid succumbing to the temptation to overstaff. Overstaffing may seem beneficial, especially if you aim at improving attention and service to guests, it can increase your labor costs and reduce the profits your restaurant makes. This software also protects you from the consEmployee Task Manager Softwareequences of understaffing, which include employee burnout and low service standards. Even if you do end up saving a few dollars, your brand’s quality and reputation may be damaged beyond repair. Therefore, use this module to establish a staffing balance and ensure your restaurant’s growth.

Controlling Labor Costs

Task management gives you more control over the constantly varying cost of labor. By manipulating this aspect, you can increase the restaurant’s profits. On the other hand, improperly managing labor costs will affect your customers’ satisfaction levels and maybe put your brand at the risk of liability lawsuits and labor violation fines. Therefore, automate this aspect with the right software.

Preventing Server Stress during Hectic Times

There’s no doubt that your restaurant’s success is dependent on the people serving your clients. Unfortunately, there are times in the day or year when they may become too stressed to be cordial and friendly. To avoid the negative impact of their behavior due to stress, avoid understaffing through task manager. You’ll also have healthy employees on board, which means more customers served, more loyal patrons, and, of course, more sales.

Improving Customer Satisfaction Levels

Your restaurant’s employee task manager will ensure that your own employees are happy, on-time and ready to serve. As a result, your customers will get their orders the minute they’re off the stove or outside the oven. Delivering friendly and prompt service will satisfy them, ensuring that they drop by again soon. If you keep up this high standard, you’re going to have customers for life and even reel in more through their word of mouth.

If you haven’t integrated an employee task manager program in your system already, you’re missing out on the following advantages. If you want more, though, consider getting Altametrics Enterprise Office. The cost-effective solution for restaurants, it combines multiple systems in one to reduce chances of error and boost your productivity. In addition to task management through its Workforce Management module, it features Universal Forecast, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and Business Intelligence functions.

As seeing is believing, we’d like to offer you the chance to try Altametrics Enterprise Office and see how it can help you efficiently run your restaurants. So, request a demo or contact our representatives at 1-800-676-1281.