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With the large amount of menu items required to make your table service restaurant a success, keeping inventory costs under control can be a real challenge. And with rising labor costs caused by changes in the minimum wage and health care regulations, staying profitiable is more challenging than ever.
Altametrics Enterprise Office from Altametrics is ready to help your bustling restaurant chain control labor and food costs while also providing the excellent experiences your guests demand.

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Manage the House, Not Your Data

Table service restaurants use a variety of software applications, including POS, customer satisfaction surveys, accounting, back office, reservation management and more. Store managers and brand executives don’t want to become data integration experts; they just want to use the data they need when they need it. Altametrics Enterprise Office takes away the pain of system and data integration by pulling data from all of your disconnected systems into one source of truth. Management doesn’t need to be concerned about where the data comes from, they just want to know that their forecast is accurate so they can base employee schedules and inventory replenishment orders on their forecast.

Managers Spend More Time Managing

With other restaurant back office systems, managers spend countless hours updating the system instead of managing activities in the house. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, most interaction is by exception only. Managers quickly learn what they need to know and can rapidly create employee schedules, take inventory counts, and place inventory orders so they are free to manage activites at the front and the back of the house.

Sales Forecasts Drive Success

Everything starts with a good sales forecast. A good sales forecast helps you know how many employees to schedule and when they should work, lining labor costs up with projected sales. You also know how much food to pull and prepare so waste is reduced, keeping inventory costs under control too.

Mobile Inventory Cuts Inventory Time In Half

Everyone dreads taking inventory because, frankly, it’s a pain. With Altametrics Enterprise Office Mobile Inventory, counts are arranged in ‘shelf to sheet’ order to minimize footsteps while counting. Counts are entered into a tablet and are instantly updated without the separate data entry step needed when taking inventory with pencil and paper. There’s no messy handwriting to decipher so counts are not only updated more quickly, but they are more accurate too.

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