While managing the supply chain of your restaurant, dealing with spreadsheets, paper invoices and/or numerous electronic systems is a surefire recipe for disaster. You see, you’re bound to leak small losses throughout the chain due to human error. Moreover, you won’t be able to track inefficiencies that burden your restaurant or respond quickly to issues such as food quality and safety or accurate deliveries. As a result, the sales you generate are bound to go to waste and your bottom line won’t increase any time soon. Fortunately, you can counter these issues simply by implementing restaurant supply chain management software.

Why Restaurant Supply Chain Software is Worth Every Penny

Having software manage your restaurant supply chain promises high ROI and more profits from your sales, making it worth the money you spend buying it. If you need a little more coaxing, here’s a quick look at some benefits you can reap with the right system.

  • Optimizing Your Menu – Certain items on your menu may not be performing as well as you think. Some may be selling well, but their poor margins may be destroying your bottom line. Therefore, this software can help you cost-model your menu and ensure long-term success.
  • Controlling Purchase Expenses – You may be paying more than necesSupply Change Management Softwaresary for supplies due to the lack of accurate tracking methods. Moreover, your inability to compare vendors and prices may lead you to miss out on possible savings. And there’s always a chance that unauthorized purchases from unapproved vendors may be taking place. All of these can be countered with robust restaurant supply chain software.
  • Forecasting Sales Accurately – A restaurant’s sales forecast is important for its success, especially since it analyzes historical data and current trends. Automating this aspect helps you generate accurately predictions and ensure the growth of your facility.
  • Automating Ordering – An integrated restaurant supply chain program has the power to solve issues linked to automated ordering. You’ll be free from paperwork and the mistakes that come naturally with them. Plus, you’ll gain the upper hand in contract compliance and negotiations, saving more money in the process.

3 Questions Before You Buy Your Own Supply Chain Management Software

To get the best value for money and ensure the benefits you just discovered, you need to be picky while selecting restaurant supply chain software. Here are three very important questions you should ask beforehand.

  1. How Deep is Your Expertise in the Restaurant and Foodservice Industries? – Many software companies have supply chain programs available, but their solutions may not necessarily suit the foodservice industry. In fact, many may be trying to learn how to enter this lucrative niche by bouncing ideas off you and testing their products on your payroll. So find a developer who understands the restaurant industry and has worked with many of its members before.
  2. What Benefits Does the Software Offer Your Brand? – You need a competitive edge to survive the cutthroat competition in the restaurant and foodservice industry. The developer you partner with should be able to leverage your strengths and tackle your weaknesses. For instance, with grocery stores offering inexpensive edibles, you need to come up with strategies that cut your own costs before you can promise your clients more savings. So find out how else the programs you like can complement your own business strategies.
  3. How Can the Program Address the Risks Your Brand Faces? – Risks are normal in this industry, but you need to decrease them to ensure your business’ growth. Create a list of what your risks are early on and discuss them with the developer. The software’s processes, methods and tools should be able to manage if not eliminate these altogether.

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