Every restaurant has its own set of costs to juggle, starting from employee payroll to the expenses of commodities. Shift Schedule Maker Tool Unfortunately, this increases pressure on margins, forcing restaurant owners to look towards the first set of costs they actually can control: labor costs. By default, they may decide to cut each employee’s shift by a few hours. And that’s the best case scenario; the worst case scenario is replacing permanent employees with flexible workers. However, you don’t have to lay off any staff members and risk your reputation as an employer. All you need is do is schedule shifts more effectively using a schedule maker.

The Benefits a Schedule Maker Has to Offer

By using a scheduling tool, you can easily and efficiently schedule the shifts of employees. This is especially important if you run a quick service restaurant that employs workers aged 17 and under as this age group abides by restrictions that define when and where they can work as well as the types of tasks they can perform. Compliance issues due to scheduling conflicts can turn into a never- ending nightmare and bring on lengthy and costly lawsuits for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Non-compliance in general is one of the biggest issues that managers face these days. This is especially true for rules related to employee breaks.  In fact, a global retailer had paid over $250 million as litigation costs for missed breaks. To avoid a similar penalty (if not higher), you need a reliable schedule maker. Some of the best-of-breed systems can help you around different risks by allowing you to forecast coverage, factor in individual employee restrictions, schedule breaks, and adhere to compliance regulations.

Your restaurant can further save money with an online employee shift schedule maker. Restaurant chains need to ensure that all their restaurants are legally compliant, a task that could consume a lot of precious time and energy. However, an online option means centralizing data in one place, providing access to many people at once. Moreover, as part of your payroll system, an online scheduling tool will efficiently calculate employee wages and employee overtime.

Altametrics Enterprise Office: The Perfect Automation Tool

Automating the process of shift scheduling is a surefire way to cut down your costs. However, you need a reliable and efficient tool for this purpose. This is where Altametrics Enterprise Office comes in. An award-winning software system by Altametrics, this end-to-end business management solution provides restaurants across the nation with some of the best workforce management tools, including an online employee shift schedule maker. As a result, you can avoid the costs of scheduling conflicts and compliance penalties that accompany them.

Altametrics Enterprise Office further helps you save money by allowing you to forecast different factors, such as future demand and employee availability. Consequently, you can determine your supply chain operations and effectively manage your inventory. You also get a number of business intelligence tools that can further ensure the efficiency of your operations and keep your expenses low.

To try our highly-acclaimed online employee shift schedule maker tool included in Altametrics Enterprise Office, call us at 1-800-676-1281or request a demo to see a live version of this software and see for yourself why America’s top restaurant chain is on our client list.