Workforce Management – A Guide to Cutting Labor Costs

How to Manage Supply Chain in a Restaurant
Cutting labor costs can be a daunting task for enterprises. From staffing costs and employee turnover costs, there are a variety of factors that managers need to be aware of when evaluating their workforce. This e-book guides managers in how to effectively cut labor costs and improve their bottom line.

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Paul Jacobson

Paul Jacobson is a blog writer and contributor to eRestuarant.
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What people have said about Workforce Management- A Guide to Cutting Labor Costs

Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan, IT, Jones’ BBQ

“With this eBook, I was able to better understand how I can control labor costs. After food costs, labor costs are a huge variable in our profitability. This was a great help in being able to weigh the pros and cons of each cost cutting strategy..”

Christian Demoray

Christian Demoray, Manager, Danielle’s Diner

“‘Workforce Management’ is a great read for anyone who is in charge of controlling labor costs. There are so many great points it makes in regards to turnover costs, scheduling, and more.”

Nicholas Edwards

Nicholas Edwards, HR, Henry’s Cafe

“Loved ‘Workforce Management.’ I learned I don’t have to decrease staff or staff benefits in order to cut labor costs. ”