Restaurant Inventory Management- Secrets Revealed

Effectively controlling food costs can often be the difference between success and failure in the food service industry. In order for a restaurant to be profitable, it needs to be able to manage inventory costs efficiently. This eBook provides practical suggestions that business operators can implement immediately to reduce inventory costs.

Paul JacobsonAbout our guest
Paul Jacobson

Paul Jacobson is a blog writer and contributor to eRestuarant.
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What people have said about Restaurant Inventory Management- Secrets Revealed

Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan, IT, Jones’ BBQ

“Our food costs determine our profitability. The suggestions in this ebook were helpful in showing us opportunities where we could cut costs and run our supply chain more efficiently.”

Christian Demoray

Christian Demoray, Manager, Danielle’s Diner

“‘Restaurant Inventory Management’ is a very good resource for helping our team with operations strategies. It helped us see new ways to manage a major cost factor in our company.”


Nicholas Edwards, HR, Henry’s Cafe

“Great read- we make this required reading for our franchisees during training. Inventory management is a vital part of our organization’s success.”