No More Mistakes with Your Supply Chain Management

Being in the restaurant business you know your bottom line is related to supply costs and supply chain management.   Read on as we reveal how you can eliminate mistakes with your supply chain management.

Managing Your Restaurant Supply Chain

What is the key to managing your restaurant supply chain effectively? Think about all that is involved in this management task. There’s inventory and ordering, various suppliers and delivery dates, and a just in time delivery need. You are constantly dealing with spreadsheets, paper invoices, and/or multiple electronic systems. This type of system is a recipe for disaster.

With this system you’re leaking small losses throughout your entire supply chain because without current restaurant supply chain software you don’t have an integrated system. You cannot accurately track the inefficiencies in your system without the right software. You cannot respond quickly enough to issues of food quality and safety, just in time deliveries, and the right quantities in the deliveries. You’re losing out on eliminating those losses and increasing your bottom line.

Using Supply Chain Software

Supply Chain Management Software

The answer? Supply chain management software. With this software your supply chain can run easily without the headaches of paper spreadsheets, receipts and/or multiple electronic systems. This software will integrate your back office with your supply chain to provide you with an orderly, accountable system across your entire business.

Benefits of Supply Chain Software

  1. Improve Menus: Your menu may not be performing as well as you think it is. You may have an item that sells 500 times daily but has poor margins and is destroying your bottom line. Cost-modeling on your menu items is essential to long term success.
  1. Don’t Overpay For Goods: You could be overpaying for your supplies without an integrated software system. Perhaps it’s the inability to comparison shop vendors because their units of sale are not the same. Perhaps it’s unauthorized purchases by your restaurants because you do not have centralized order guides and approved vendors. Without this you have no control over your restaurant supply chain or your vendors.
  1. Accurate Sales Forecasts: Your sales forecasts are critical to your success and have to be based on historical data as well as current trends. Without good supply chain management software, your restaurants will either over-order or under-order.
  1. Automated Ordering: An integrated supply chain software program will solve a lot of problems with automated ordering. Automated ordering will do away with all the paperwork, mistakes, and the hours spent on rectifying those mistakes. It will give you the upper hand in contract compliance and negotiation. Too many enterprises without it don’t bother to check contract compliance at all. Imagine how much money you could be losing in this process.
  1. Improved Vendor Performance: Solid integrated supply chain management software will help you to evaluate the performance of your vendors and correct any issues.

This should give you a good understanding of why restaurant supply chain management needs a solid software system, one that integrates all aspects of your supply chain management and give control of your bottom line back to you.