Combating The Rising Cost Of Food

Combating The Rising Cost Of Food
Is your restaurant struggling with inventory, food waste, and pricing menu items? It may be due to the rising costs of food. Download this eBook to understand more about combating the rising cost of food.

This eBook will provide you with the tools you need to properly order and track inventory, calculate menu item costs, and reduce food waste to manage the rising cost of food.

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Jessica Anguiano

Jessica Anguiano is a contributor to R|Magazine
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What people have said about the Rising Cost of Food eBook:

Michael Desulotti

Michael Desulot, Head of Operations, Kody’s Korner

“There is so much to do in a restaurant. It can become a challenge to order and keep up with food costs. This eBook was helpful is gaining a better understanding of how to deal with the always changing costs. ”

Sean Milligan

Sean Milligan, Back of House Manager, Dalton’s Steakhouse

“We had a big issue with food waste and we often over ordered items. I was able to find ways to reduce our waste and better order inventory. ”

Ryan Bennett

Ryan Bennett, Manager at Betty’s

“After this eBook I have been able to take more time to train and educate my staff about taking inventory, giving me more time to take on some other major in-house tasks.”