Keep the Quick in Your Quick Service Restaurant

Guests at your quick service restaurant expect speed, and they also demand good value at great prices delivered by cheerful crew members. With shrinking margins caused by increasing food and labor costs, this is becoming harder to deliver consistently, week after week and month after month. Altametrics Enterprise Office from Altametrics has helped countless QSR chains, including the number one operator in the world, control labor and food costs while also providing the excellent experiences guests demand.

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End-to-End Online QSR Management Software

Keep the Quick in Your Quick Service Restaurant

One Source of Truth

QSRs use a variety of software applications, including POS, customer satisfaction, accounting, kitchen timers and more. Store managers and brand executives don’t want to become data integration experts; they just want to use the data they need when they need it. Altametrics Enterprise Office takes away the pain of system and data integration by pulling data from all of your disparate systems into one source of truth. Leadership doesn’t need to be concerned about where the data comes from, they just want to know that their forecast is accurate so they can base employee schedules and food replenishment orders based on the accuracy of that forecast.

Easy to Learn and Implement

QSRs are open long hours, and store managers and supervisors frequently need to step in and guide crew members in proper processes or service techniques. With other restaurant management systems, managers spend countless hours updating the system instead of being available to team members. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, most interaction is by exception only. Managers quickly learn what they need to know and can rapidly finish adminstrative tasks so they are free to do what they do best; coach the team and ensure guest satisfaction.

Accurately Forecast Sales

With constantly shrinking profits and increases in food and labor costs around every corner, having an accurate forecast is essential. With Altametrics Enterprise Office proprietary forecasting algorythm, you can project sales accurately. With an accurate forecast, you know how many employees to schedule and when they should work, keeping labor costs right in line with projected sales. You also know how much food to pull and prepare so waste is reduced, keeping inventory costs under control as well.

Empower Your Workforce

Most QSR’s employ bright, young crewmembers who are learning for the first time what it means to be part of a workforce. That means that sticking to a schedule, taking ownership of getting a replacement when they can’t make a shift, and communicating with managers is all new to them. The Altametrics Enterprise Office mobile team center makes it easy for employees to view their schedule on their mobile phones and swap shifts when necessary. This provides more time for managers to coach new employees rather than deal with constant scheduling issues, making for a happier, more engaged workforce and managment team.

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