Today’s restaurants require more than just a delicious menu, friendly ambiance and cordial staff to be successful. There’s so much more happening behind the scenes, demanding restaurant owners’ attention and complete focus. However, with so much to do and very little time, foodservice entrepreneurs have taken a leaf from other companies’ books and embraced the concept of automation. Thus, hospitality management systems came to the light and dominated top restaurant chains across the world.

If you haven’t yet tapped into the power which a hospitality management tool has to offer, the following steps may correct this mistake.Hospitality Management Software

Why You Need a Hospitality Management System

A comprehensive restaurant management tool comes with numerous features that automate some of the trickiest aspects of running and managing a restaurant. For instance, this software can automate your supply chain management process by substituting outdated spreadsheets and manual processes with digital data on product information, distribution agreements and other important aspects of this complex procedure. As a result, you can reap a range of benefits such as minimizing substitutions and purchases from unapproved suppliers, enforce contract compliance, and gain better visibility into unit level inventory.

Similarly, the best hospitality management tool can help you manage your workforce, which is the blood of your establishment since they represent your brand and ensure the loyalty of your clients. In addition to managing your staff’s schedules, the software will help you while training and socializing employees. You can even use it for recruiting, applicant tracking, and hiring if it supports these valuable features. However, the biggest benefit of workforce management via a restaurant management tool is ensuring your establishment’s compliance with regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). As a result, you can avoid many lawsuits and penalties that come with breaking rules even unknowingly.

But Remember: Not Every Software is the same

Not every hospitality management tool you come across will provide you with the benefits you seek. Some may lack the aforementioned aspects while other will provide you with much more. One option you should seriously consider is Altametrics Enterprise Office, the choice of top American chains including Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Famous Dave’s and Hooters. In addition to a comprehensive supply chain management module and a Workforce Management feature, it offers the following modules to manage every aspect of your restaurant.

  1. Universal Forecast Module – Through this module, you can build forecasts to understand some of the complex scenarios your restaurant may come across and prep you for them. You can adjust and view forecasts on an hourly, daily or weekly interval to ensure that you’re one step ahead of the competition.
  2. Inventory Management Module – Complementing the functions of the Supply Chain Management module, the Inventory Management module allows restaurants to measure, control and reduce the amount they spend on food. Some of the processes you can take care of through this module are ordering and receiving, transferring and waste management, and prep and pull.
  3. Business Intelligence Module – Restaurants are businesses at the end of the day, which is why they need metrics to assess their profitability and success. Altametrics Enterprise Office provides a range of dashboards, data warehousing solutions and reporting capabilities among other features to give you an idea of how effective your strategies have been.

If you liked what you’ve read so far, you’ll love seeing Altametrics Enterprise Office in action. We invite you to request a demo to see the software implemented at your restaurant. However, we welcome any questions you may have about this product as well. So give us a call at 1-800-676-1281 today and reap the benefits of our comprehensive restaurant management tool.