Count Inventory Without a Clipboard and Pencil.

Take restaurant inventory on your mobile phone or tablet and cut inventory count time in half. Provide managers and crew access to schedules on the go so everyone knows when they work.

Inventory Counts

Eliminate Handwriting Errors.

With inventory counts keyed directly into your tablet or smartphone, you no longer hear anyone say “Is that a 1 or a 7?” And there’s no delays in updating the counts because of bad penmanship.
Multiple UOMs

No Mental Math Calculations.

Many inventory systems limit your count sheets to one Unit of Measure per item. But everyone has partial cases or boxes. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, you enter the UOM that is counted, and the system translates it into the storage UOM automatically.
Organized Counts

Fast Physical Counts.

Altametrics Enterprise Office Mobile displays count sheets in the order the items are stored on your shelves and in your cooler or freezer. Save footsteps and time!
Instant Inventory Updates

Instant Inventory Updates.

Since inventory counts can be updated immediately without waiting for paper count sheets to be transcribed, inventory can be posted immediately too. That means no waiting to create next week’s food order!

No Waiting to See Variances

Visibility into inventory quantity variances from what is expected can help you uncover potential waste or possible employee theft. And with instant posting directly from your tablet or smartphone, there’s no waiting to see the details.

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Great for Store Managers

Take Inventory in a Snap!

Cut physical inventory time in half because the inventory is counted and entered in a single step.

No Messy Handwriting to Read

With inventory counts entered on a mobile device, you can read the entries and post them immediately.

Managers Can Approve Time Off Requests from Anywhere

No need to take phone calls from crew day and night; team members make requests electronically and managers respond with a single click at their convenience.

Crew Members Can Offer Shifts to Others Electronically

Employees take ownership of their schedules and ensure replacements take shifts that they are unable to fill. Managers approve all shift swaps with a click.

Loved by Employees

Access to Their Schedule 24/7

Employees are never in doubt about when to be at work. Instant alerts of any schedule changes are delivered automatically.

Speedy Time-off and Availability Requests

Employees love to use their smartphones to easily request time off or change their ability. And managers can respond instantly.

Offer and Accept Shifts from Others

Employees can offer shifts and accept shift offers from coworkers. Before finalization of the swap, the manager is automatically notified for approval.

Protect Employee Privacy

Employees choose whether or not to share contact information with others on the team. The private communication system delivers messages to and from coworkers without sharing email addresses.

Web Based Scheduling

  • Intuitive scheduling on the web
  • Enforce labor laws for adults and minors when scheduling
  • Internal email system
  • Free Mobile App for all managers and crew
  • Forecasting
Web Based Scheduling

Employee scheduling has never been easier.

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