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to optimize your employee schedules

eRestaurant analyzes historical data, recent sales trends and current promotions to assist in making critical restaurant decisions. Six of the top ten restaurant chains trust the power of eRestaurant to properly schedule their employees.

eRestaurant can save you up to 3% in labor costs by reducing inefficient workforce scheduling. Join the industry leaders and use data instead of intuition by leveraging the power of eRestaurant today.

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eRestaurant food service and restaurant back office management software system
2015 Restaurant Technology Magazine Editor's Choice

Fast, flexible restaurant management suite.

Compared with its competitors, eRestaurant is innovative, better designed, startlingly faster, vastly more powerful and has more flexible integrations with third-party POS systems and accounting software.

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Most robust Restaurant Management Software available today.

Selected by over 100,000 restaurants.

Profit improvement
Significant savings in food and labor costs.
Works well with others

Integrates with hundreds of POS and Accounting systems.

Mobile Inventory iPhone Android

Mobile apps available for Android and iPhone.

Corner Bakery

Selected by five of America’s top ten restaurant chains, including the #1 operator in the world.

Thousands of restaurant managers are using eRestaurant to save up to 5% in food costs and up to 3% in labor costs.

See what Gary Price and his team at Corner Bakery are experiencing with eRestaurant as their end-to-end restaurant management solution.

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“Managing our workforce is a challenge. The key in the restaurant business is to have the right amount of people at the right time when the business is there and not to have too many people when the business isn’t there. That’s what eRestaurant helps us to do.”

Gary Price, President of Corner Bakery

“We know exactly what our real time costs are all the time; there’s no waiting around for corporate. We know if we are doing a superior job because we know the numbers right then and there.”

Famous Darren, Store Manager at Famous Dave's

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Mobile schedule

Inventory Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Items appear in “sheet to shelf” order to make taking inventory fast and easy.

Item counts are updated instantly; no need to wait for a long data entry process to see results.

Reduce inventory errors caused by bad handwriting and transposed numbers during data entry.

Restaurant management has never been easier.

Start saving right away.

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