Stock management software is one of the blessings for managers in the restaurant and foodservice sector. In addition to ensuring that you have everything your chefs and servers need to maintain your good reputation, your software can contribute to your forecasting process by providing data such as which menu items are in very high demand. Despite the importance of stock management applications, 67% of restaurant owners may not be reaping their benefits simply because they made the wrong choice.

To ensure that you aren’t part of this statistic, check if the following prerequisites apply to the current stock management software you’re using.

  • Accurate Forecasting Tools – The best applications can ensure that the right amount of inventory is delivered at the right time. It also allows you to factor in elements such as holidays, events and weather patterns. Some software goes the extra mile to link labor scheduling and other tools, allowing you to generate more accurate forecasts by factoring in guest counts, dine in and takeout, etc.
  • Vendor Bid Analysis – Restaurants are constantly analyzing vendors to ensure that they get the best value for money for premium ingredients. Top software allows the comparison of normalized costs (i.e. costs of all given commodities converted to a universal unit such as per case) for items offered by different vendors and in multiple markets. This results in competition in terms of price at all locations, a feat close to impossible without supply chain management apps.
  • Optimized Ordering – For a stock management program to be effective, it needs to facilitate end-to-end ordering electronically. It should also generate suggested orders accurStock Management Softwareately, sparing you from the task of carrying out order forecasting on your own, saving you both time and money. Some software will also generate automated alerts if an order quantity is too high or too low. This, in turn, spares you from making drastic mistakes that could affect your bottom line.
  • Centralized Order Guidance– This corporate level feature is important for vendors, especially since it limits orders which your restaurants place. Order guidance also allows you to establish limits on the source with whom the order is being placed. As a result, you can prevent rogue expenses at non-negotiated pricing and even implement contract compliance among vendors.
  • Mobile Support – With the world going mobile, you need to ensure that all your IT solutions have mobile-friendly versions, including your stock management software. With inventory in the palm of your hand, you’ll receive updates automatically rather than running behind your staff demanding comprehensive reports.

Because these features are in high demand, you may be forced to spend a generous amount for your stock management software. However, that’s not the case with Altametrics Enterprise Office, the fast, flexible restaurant management suite used by over 100,000 establishments across the U.S. including the top chain in the country. Our dedication to quality, value and functionality has earned us memberships in prestigious organizations, including the National Restaurant Association.

Entrusted with your restaurant’s inventory, Altametrics Enterprise Office will inform you beforehand of the right quantities of food you need to order every week. The numbers reported are based on a complex forecasting algorithm that has been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Rest assured that our system will help you identify different inventory problems, resolve them quickly, and save thousands of dollars that would have otherwise gone to waste. Complemented with an innovative workflow planning feature and a data visualization layer, this software is all you’ll ever need.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 654-6909. Better yet, try Altametrics Enterprise Office yourself by requesting a demo today.