Restaurants are fast-paced establishments that are nothing without the people managing and running the show in the kitchen and on the floor. Therefore, they need effective human resource management to tend to functions such as recruitment, performance management, and complying with employment regulations. This can be a very tricky aspect, especially if you own or run a chain of restaurants with a large employee base. To avoid burdening your staff, creating costly mistakes and unknowingly break some labor laws, consider automating your human resource management processes.

Top software such as Altametrics Enterprise Office can lend you a hand with the following procedures.

Employee Hiring and Training

Traditionally, human resource managers need to skim through hundreds of applications before selecting the right person. However, using workflow software, HR managers can set selection criteria which filters out the least qualified applications. Another advantage of online applications and human resource management software is effortlessly adding applicants’ data along with their application status. This, in turn, allows applicants to be notified just as easily.

The software can also help an inexperienced employee train under the direction of a senior worker, which is the common training method in the foodservice industry. Instead of direct interaction, though, it can automate training through providing training videos and training manuals. This benefit will be especially of value if your senior employees are distributed across multiple locations or if you’re opening new chains.

Scheduling and MonitoringHuman Resource Management

For your restaurant to be timely and efficient, it should have the right number of employees. Your labor should also perform the tasks assigned on each workday and during meal services. Scheduling software can streamline this aspect since the system already contains information such as employees’ availability and desired number of hours. As for staff monitoring, integrating technologies like time clocks will help with record-keeping and monitoring attendance. Meanwhile, functions such as inventory management can help you discover discrepancies caused by theft, therefore detecting theft easily.

Payroll and Reporting Tips

In addition to your payroll, you’re responsible for the wages and salaries you pay to employees as well as the tips they receive. The latter can be difficult to track at times, but you need to keep tabs on it since this source of income can be taxed. Automating both of these aspects saves your time and spares you from legal repercussions due to calculation mistakes.

These are the conventional features of a restaurant HR management system, but Altametrics Enterprise Office goes the extra mile to deliver more value for your money. In addition to these functions, Altametrics’ software helps HR managers increase their legal compliance to ensure that their companies don’t break any labor laws. And that’s not all; a comprehensive software system that combines multiple programs in one, Altametrics Enterprise Office can also deliver better forecasts, efficiently carry out inventory management, and provide real-time financials which complement your business intelligence efforts.

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