In addition to scheduling, tackling employee payroll is one of the tricky aspects of managing a restaurant. Not only is your restaurant’s payroll governed by complex laws for wages and tips, but there’s also the risk of conflict if an employee decides to contest their wages and the efficiency of your payroll system. If you’ve been manually processing payroll, i.e. calculating hours, trying to determine who worked overtime, and spending hours deciphering cryptic notes on punch clock cards, your chances of making mistakes are quite high. Therefore, consider getting payroll management system software, especially if it comes with time clock software.

Adding a time clock module to your payroll software will complement your management skills as well as help you reap the following five benefits.

Precise Tracking of HoursTime Clock Payroll System

Without a time clock, you’re probably keeping ledgers of attendance records and comparing them with records submitted by your employees. Unfortunately, your employees may be too busy to track their own time, an issue that can either cause inaccuracies or missing entries. And there’s always the chance of fraud rearing its ugly head, especially since estimating the start and end of breaks can be difficult. However, a time clock module will keep everyone on track and even deter many from taking advantage of you.

Simplifying Payroll Processing

Having a time clock module added to your employee payroll system will help you simplify the usually hectic process you’re faced with at the end of the week or month. The software will record all payroll information and transmit it to a central file. As a result, you won’t have to worry about errors and delays that could burden your human resources managers and payroll staff.

Monitoring Employees

An efficient restaurant is one where each employee on duty is available to carry out their responsibilities. However, there will be times when your employees may decide to head out of the door when their expertise is needed. Your traditional employee payroll system will ensure that they get paid, but at the risk of lowering the efficiency of your operations and client satisfaction levels. On the other hand, some of your workers may decide to extend their shift to compensate. This can cause another issue since you won’t be able to determine whether to pay them overtime. A time clock can resolve both issues as it defines when your employee is actually working, allowing you to gauge their performance and pay them according to the appropriate laws that govern compensation in your area.

Enforcing Company Policies

A time clock can easily be integrated within an employee’s schedule or comprehensive payroll management system software. As a result, your restaurant’s managers can be alerted if an employee tries clocking in late or if they haven’t taken a break. This will help your establishment run effectively since you can properly discipline tardy employees and fight the stress hard workers may end up experiencing.

Simplifying Multi-Location Record Keeping

Restaurant chains tend to spend a lot of time transferring records to and from their main offices. However, storing data in a central location ensures convenience for both restaurant owners and employees at all locations. You can also detect fraudulent acts such as clocking at two different places at the same time. Your employees will be just as happy about the time clock software since it spares them from wasting time and energy to ensure that they’re paid the right amount and on time.

With so much to gain from adding time clock functionality to your payroll system, consider adding one right away. Better yet, request a free eRestaurant demo to see why top chains such as Taco Bell and Corner Bakery are using this comprehensive restaurant management solution across all their locations. We’d also love to answer any questions you have on our Universal Forecast, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Workforce Management and Business Intelligence modules, so call us 1-800-676-1281.