Altametrics Enterprise Office Forecast

Create Universal Forecast to Predict Business Needs

Altametrics Enterprise Office takes the guesswork out of forecasting.

Altametrics Enterprise Office combines your restaurant’s square footage, number of parking spaces, store location and other attributes, and adds in the last few weeks of performance to build a basic forecast. Then Altametrics Enterprise Office proprietary algorithm factors in weather, last year’s performance, seasonality, local store events, corporate events and more to create a unique sales forecast for each restaurant.

No lengthy learning curve to slow you down.

Altametrics Enterprise Office is easy to learn and use. Familiar button ribbons make navigation intuitive, and the quick navigation menu gets you to the most critical functions in a single click.

Never be caught short on inventory again!

Order the right quantities of food and non-perishables at the right time.

The universal forecast, combined with your product mix, lets you know the right quantities of food to order for the week, and ensures the correct amount of non-perishables are on hand to meet customer demands.
Controlling inventory

Know What to Prep and Pull

With an intelligent forecast built on 15 minute increments, combined with consistent prep and pull task lists, it’s easy to know what’s needed at any given day part. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, you eliminate the waste of over-preparing and ensure you’ve prepped enough to meet demands.

Accurate and Fast Inventory Control

Altametrics Enterprise Office inventory count sheets are laid out in ‘shelf to sheet’ format to speed the process and ensure nothing is missed. Use Mobile Inventory to take inventory on your tablet and cut the time it takes in half to get accurate inventory results.

Item Usage Analysis

Managers can save thousands of dollars by easily identifying inventory problems and resolving them quickly. Waste can also be tracked with reason codes assigned for spillage, spoilage and such.

Intuititve Workflows Produce Results

Calendars Drive Workflow and Comparative Reporting

Restaurant managers think in terms of the calendar. Questions like “How did we do last month in sales?”and “What’s our forecast for next week?” are heard from managers universally. To follow these thought processes, Altametrics Enterprise Office creates workflows based on the calendar. Color-coded values match your organization’s tolerances per location or group of stores.

Set Proactive Notification Thresholds

Essential inventory items running low? Crew members forget to submit an I9? Don’t get caught waiting until after the fact to do something about those everyday occurrences. Get on-screen notifications before problems occur so you can ensure minor issues never become become emergencies.

Identify Trends with Data Visualization Layer

Graphs and Charts Simplify Data Intepretation.

Restaurants generate a LOT of data, and sifting through line after line to try and make sense of it can be daunting. But with Altametrics Enterprise Office Data Visualization layer, your business data is presented in graphical format to make it easy to identify trends and recognize outliers. And a simple click moves you from the graph back to the data view for a deeper dive into the details once you’ve found the data to explore.
Data Visualization

Add Data Views to Personalize Your Experience.

Yes, restaurant’s have a lot of similarity between them. But there’s a lot that makes your chain different from all the rest. At Altametrics we recognize the differences and help leverage them to your best advantage. We’ve created unique ‘spark plugs’ or data views that help your managers interact with the software. Choose the plug-ins that make sense for your business goals and objectives.

Add ‘spark plugs’ to personalize interactions.

Send organization and store wide messages to keep employees informed of any important news or alerts. Make sure your employees always know what’s going on.

Cash & Sales Reports Customized

Your business needs are unique when it comes to reporting cash and sales. Why should you be forced into using the same reporting as everyone else? With Altametrics Enterprise Office, your report is customized to be exactly what you want.
iPhone and Android Apps

Mobile Inventory Makes Counting a Breeze!

Make Handwriting Errors a Thing of the Past.

With Mobile Inventory you can use your favorite tablet to count and instantly update inventory to complete this tedious task in half the time.

You’ll Never Hear “I lost my schedule” again.

Altametrics Enterprise Office eliminates employee and manager confusion and ensures everyone has full visibility into the weekly schedule.

Schedule Employees in a Snap!

Scheduling employees can be a real pain. Managing availability, time off requests, and ensuring labor laws for both minors and adults are taken into account while you create the schedule can be daunting. But with Altametrics Enterprise Office, scheduling is simple and fast.

Empower Employees to Take Ownership of Schedules.

Employees can offer shifts and accept shift offers from one another using Altametrics Enterprise Office, and can submit time off requests online. This allows managers to spend less time dealing with employee shift changes and more time on ensuring your guests have outstanding experiences.
Employee Schedule

Maintain a Fixed Task Schedule.

Fixed tasks for things like weekly meetings, cleaning the parking lot, creating the crew schedule and receiving deliveries can easily get missed if not tracked to hold someone accountable. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, you can track these essential but repetitive tasks and drop the appropriate crew members into the schedule as needed.

Schedule Managers Up to a Month in Advance

Without store managers and their assistants, nothing would get done on time in a busy restaurant. Taking care of your management team is a critical success factor for your business. Schedule key personnel up to a month in advance so everyone can plan for their time, both in and outside of the store.

Schedule and Manage Shared Employees

Good employees are hard to find, so when you find great ones, others in your organization want to share them. Altametrics Enterprise Office lets you assign an employee to a ‘home’ store and indicates all shared employees on the schedules of all stores where they work. Full visibility during schedule creation prevents employees from being scheduled at two places at once, and managers are alerted to potential overtime issues while creating the schedules.

Restaurant management has never been easier.

Start saving right away.

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