Fast Restaurant Management for Your Fast Casual Brand

Fast Casual restaurants are expanding rapidly across America because diners like to have good, fresh food delivered by smiling faces, in a fun place, for reasonable prices. But with increasing labor and food costs, consistency in service and food quality are harder than ever to maintain. Altametrics Enterprise Office from Altametrics helps fast casual restaurants control labor and food costs while also providing the excellent experiences guests demand. Watch the video below to see what Gary Price, President of Corner Bakery, has to say about Altametrics Enterprise Office.

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End-to-End Online Fast Casual Restaurant Management Software

Keep the Quick in Your Quick Service Restaurant

Easy for Managers to Learn and Use

Fast Casual restaurants need a large crew to keep things functioning smoothly. Store managers and supervisors need to be available to step in and guide crew members in proper processes or service techniques. With other restaurant management systems, managers spend countless hours updating the system instead of being available to coach their teams. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, most interaction is by exception only so managers quickly learn what they need to do and can handle adminstrative tasks in no time. This allows managers time to do what they do best; coach the team and ensure guests are delighted.

Accurate Forecasts Drive Success

Constantly shrinking profits combined with increases in food and labor costs cause challenges for even the best run fast casual restaurants. Using an accurate forecasting tool can help get rising costs under control. With Altametrics Enterprise Office proprietary forecasting algorythm you can accurately project sales and know how many employees to schedule when, keeping labor costs in line with projected sales. You also know how much food to prepare so waste is reduced, keeping a lock on food costs as well.

Better Management and Communication with Millenials

With a workforce that has grown up using technology, there’s a natural expectation that technology will be used to facilitate communication between managers and crew. With Altametrics-Enterprise-Office team center, your crew gets their schedules on their mobile devices and can use their smartphones or tablets to offer and accept shifts to and from one another, subject to their manager’s approval. Empowerment of employees makes them happier and more loyal to your organization.

Mobile Inventory Cuts Inventory Time In Half

Everyone dreads taking inventory because, frankly, it’s a pain. With Altametrics Enterprise Office Mobile Inventory, counts are arranged in ‘shelf to sheet’ order to minimize footsteps while counting. Counts are entered into a tablet and are instantly updated without the separate data entry step needed when taking inventory with pencil and paper. There’s no messy handwriting to decipher so counts are not only updated more quickly, but they are more accurate too.

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