Online Back Office Software for Coffee, Tea and Beverage Shops

Guests at your beverage shop expect hot beverages to be steaming, cold ones to be icy, and smiling service to be instant. You want to deliver on those expectations, and make a profit while you do, but rising costs for labor and inventory make it harder and harder to maintain profitability. Altametrics Enterprise Office from Altametrics has helped buisnesses just like yours maintain profitability by being more efficent in controlling labor and food costs while also providing quality beverages with a smile.

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End-to-End Online Restaurant Management Software

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Accurately Forecast Sales

Today ever-shrinking profits and increasing labor and food costs are squeezing beverage providers more than ever before. To control rising costs, an accurate forecasting tool is essential. With Altametrics Enterprise Office proprietary forecasting algorythm, you can project sales accurately. An accurate forecast based on historical performance, weather and more lets you know now how many employees to schedule and when they should work, keeping labor costs consistent with projected sales.

Easy for Store Managers to Use

With other restaurant management systems, managers spend countless hours learning how to use and update the system which keeps them glued to the computer instead of being available to team members. Managers that use Altametrics Enterprise Office find that most interaction is by exception, so they only take a few clicks to place an inventory order, enter a schedule or approve shift swaps. Managers quickly learn what they need to know and rapidly finish adminstrative tasks so they are free to do what they do best; coach the team and ensure guest satisfaction.

Order and Prep the Right Amounts to Meet Needs

Much of what is used in coffee and beverage shops has a short shelf-life, so it’s important to order the right amount of inventory you need each week. Altametrics Enterprise Office helps managers create timely orders based on accurate forecasts so they can prevent spoilage and waste.

Above Store Information and Insight is Instant

Everything happens at the stores, but the data gathered there sometimes takes a while to get sent to corporate. And if there are franchisees in the mix, delays may be even longer. With Altametrics Enterprise Office, all levels in the organization from store managers to district managers to regional managers to executives can see information about their areas of responsibility to help them make sound business decisions.

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