Restaurants gather a staggering amount of data every day, starting from demand-related data to sales. Unfortunately, few manage to effectively use this data for business intelligence purposes. By forgoing the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing information from a range of restaurant applications, restaurant owners miss out on conclusions that can enforce their strategies, optimization and forecasting processes. Luckily, Altametrics Enterprise Office can help you achieve these goals without overwhelming you or your staff with loads of data.

As one of the top business intelligence software applications for restaurants, Altametrics Enterprise Office offers a variety of industry-focused components including dashboards, key performance indicator metBusiness Intelligence Softwarerics, ad hoc query analysis, and reporting. Through these, you get to know more about your restaurant and can make decisions that contribute to your bottom line. For example, you can investigate transaction details to discover and solve operational issues that waste profit opportunities. You can also use the data you collect to challenge your team and motivate them to grow beyond the KPIs gauging their performance.

By relying on Altametrics Enterprise Office business intelligence module, you can also ensure strong relationships with your suppliers and vendors. For starters, you can address opportunities such as a surge in demand and make bulk orders in advance. This will ensure the profitability of your business while preventing you from turning into a nightmare of a client. Moreover, you’ll be able to stay on top of payments and deliveries, making you a client that vendors want to deal with in the long run.

Altametrics Enterprise Office will also help you uncover, and monitor various trends. By using the Universal Forecast module, you can identify patterns from heaps of data and discover opportunities or threats. As a result, you can prepare for peak seasons as well as cut down on areas which may not be contributing to growth. You can even improve your menu to meet customers’ palate preferences and boost your bottom line. For example, by putting together the details of order tickets, inventory, cost of labor, and the contents of each menu, you can learn what will sell at your establishment and deliver similar items.

What also makes Altametrics Enterprise Office one of the best business intelligence software options on the market is its graphical representation capabilities. Let’s face it – going through loads of data is that last thing you’d want for yourself or your managers, especially since your time and effort are valuable resources which you need throughout the work day. Luckily, you can use information the business intelligence software generates in graphical format to help make better business decisions. Through these graphs and charts, you can learn a lot within a few minutes, without going through long paragraphs and complicated spreadsheets.

Aside from the benefits of its business intelligence module, Altametrics Enterprise Office offers value higher ROI with four additional functions: Workforce Management, Universal Forecast, Inventory Management, and Supply Chain Management. Each of these takes on the vital functions for your restaurant, guaranteeing smooth operations, higher productivity, and fewer issues. As a result, you can cut down losses incurred due to absenteeism, tardiness, waste, and many other challenges your restaurant may face.

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