Time is an important asset in the restaurant industry. In addition to providing you with an edge over the competition, it helps ensure the satisfaction of your customers. Unfortunately, some members of your workforce may be guilty of time theft, i.e. accepting pay for work they haven’t done or time they didn’t invest into their work. This is a major concern in the foodservice industry, especially since the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that 75% of employees steal at least one asset (such as time) from their employers and cost their employers $20 billion to $40 billion a year. Luckily, time management tools can help protect your restaurant from time theft.

The following details six ways your staff may be committing time theft and how a time management module can prevent them.Time Management Tool

  1. Longer Breaks – With a manager busy with meetings and other tasks, servers may decide to take extended breaks. Unfortunately, even a few extra minutes can add up to a full day’s work within a week. Time management software can help in this regard since it tracks employee work and efficiency, two things that can be compromised during longer breaks.
  2. Using Apps and the Internet While Working – Social media, news websites and online messaging platforms are a surefire way to distract your employees, especially since they’re easily accessible via their smartphones. You can deter their use by enforcing time management tools, forcing your employees to think twice before wasting even five minutes on Facebook. The same applies to long conversations between employees, wasting all their time and generating losses in productivity.
  3. Time Card Cons – Some tools can spare you from time card antics that benefit employees and help them steal time. For instance, by allowing your employees to log in via an online portal as well, the software will spare you from hearing excuses such as, “I think I forgot my swipe card” or “That’s strange. I think I lost my tracker on my way to work.”
  4. Rounding Off Timesheets – If an employee gets in late, they may try rounding off their arrival by a few minutes. If this practice goes undetected, they’re bound to make this a habit and start stealing more precious moments during the workday. A time management module takes care of the tracking aspect, preventing you from paying fully for incomplete shifts.
  5. Unnecessary Work-Related Distractions – Your managers may as also be responsible for time theft if they tend to intentionally prolong meetings or spend hours helping employees who don’t need assistance. This can be one of the most difficult activities to detect. However, it can be used to explain certain time gaps. You can curb this inefficient behavior with time management tools by scheduling meetings and training sessions and establishing their start and end times beforehand.
  6. Draining the Clock – Unmotivated employees may decide to spend their work hours on menial tasks to get through the day effortlessly. Luckily, you can take swift action against them by tracking how long their shift was with your time management program and detecting their activities via CCTV footage or manager reports.

Time theft is one of the major issues in today’s restaurant industry; therefore you need to curb it right away before your losses pile up. This is where eRestaurant can help. By tracking your employees’ shifts and ensuring their productivity, the software will guarantee your business’ profitability. What further makes eRestaurant a great choice for members of the foodservice sector is that it covers all their needs, starting from forecasting to supply chain management and all the way to business intelligence.