Behind each plate served is a dynamic and intricate supply chain that connects restaurants with farmers, food purveyors, vendors, distributors, and transportation providers. Unfortunately, without effective restaurant supply chain management, members of the restaurant and food industry are at the risk of losing time, money and even the clients they have formed over the years. With commodity prices on the rise and food safety and traceability being major concerns, identifying issues that hinder the supply chain is crucial for restaurant operators.

Four Problems Affecting Your Restaurant’s Supply Chain

According to the Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group formed by the National Restaurant Association, there are four issues that require executives’ attention right away.

  1. Economic Environment – Traditionally, one third of your restaurant’s sSupply Chain Management Softwareales goes towards purchasing food and beverages. Unfortunately, the macroeconomic environment does have an effect on the costs you incur as well as your clients’ willingness to eat out. Therefore, by controlling these costs, you can positively impact your company’s bottom line.
  2. Emerging Issues – Supply chain executives are bound to establish relationships with special interest groups to cater to their clients’ needs. However, this can be a tricky aspect since these professionals need to balance the restaurant’s best interests with establishing customer trust in the nation’s food system.
  3. Effectively Managing the Inventory – Many members of the foodservice industry have been changing their menus by eliminating unpopular dishes, introducing new products and shuffling ingredients. However, restaurant supply chain management professionals are trying to balance these changes without affecting the quality of their offerings. In this case, learning to better handle these aspects as well as improving internal communications is essential.
  4. Ensuring Better Customer Experience – Delivering the best customer experience is the goal of any restaurant. However, upper management demands cutting costs. Therefore, executives need to find a common ground where value for the restaurant and quality for clients can be achieved.

One Supply Chain Management Solution: eRestaurant

One of the highly recommended methods of streamlining your supply chain is the use of software. However, to get the most value for money, integrate the best, scalable, affordable and easy-to-use system incorporated in five of America’s top ten restaurant chains: eRestaurant.

eRestaurant’s supply chain management module allows you to replace outdated spreadsheets and boring manual processes. You can easily organize, automate, and track food service supplies and procurement information via a single interface. The software also maximizes efficiencies by countering the aforementioned challenges through functions such as:

  • Tracking raw ingredients and their use until served on a plate
  • Minimizing purchases from unapproved vendors or suppliers
  • Limiting substitutions that can affect quality
  • Enforcing contract compliance
  • Supporting end-to-end electronic ordering
  • Removing the effects of promotional activity on the supply chain

Through the innovative features and specifications of eRestaurant, you can learn more about your current supply chain. This is especially important for reporting purposes since you’ll discover metrics, including purchase activity, sales and distribution velocity. Combined with data from the Universal Forecast, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence and Workforce Management, rest assured that your restaurant will be generating higher ROI, increasing its profits, and establishing its name in the current competitive industry.

So call 1-877-676-1281 or request a demo to discover why eRestaurant is the first choice of many top restaurant chains, including the top operator worldwide.