Restaurant owners know exactly how important it is to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. The restaurant industry may not seem like it is one where advanced technologies have a big role to play, but that could not be further from the truth.

The competitive nature in the industry encourages owners to take advantage of all process improvements and technological advancements. With customer service being key to the success of a restaurant the industry has seen a lot of software integration in its operations.

Customer Service Management Tool

Customer service managers can now use powerful online applications that simplify many complex tasks and give a manager an edge over their competitors. You may provide delicious food, but if your service is not up to par, the restaurant will struggle. After all, a restaurant sells more than just food. It sells an experience and without happy clients it will be impossible to develop a loyal clientele, which can be the base that sustains your restaurant’s success.

A restaurant management tool has numerous modules that work in a synchronized fashion to help you provide the best experience for your diners.

Inventory Control

Managers must have innovative inventory control methods to ensure customers are left feeling satisfied. Have you ever been in a restaurant that cannot serve some menu items because they ran out of a critical ingredient? Customers can become frustrated if they are not provided with what they want.

Nowadays, top inventory management modules come with an intuitive forecasting option. The more factors that can be plugged in a tool, the better forecast you will receive. Even minute details that you may not think about can have an impact on a prediction. Factors that you should be able to input include attributes such as store location, square footage of the restaurant and parking spaces available.

These factors will be combined in an algorithm with your previous year’s results, weather, seasonality, and restaurant events to provide you with a forecast that is more than simply guesswork. Never get caught without critical ingredients at your restaurant with the powerful forecasting abilities of modern online applications that are a breeze to use.

Schedule Management

Customer service managers can pull their hair out trying to get every member of their staff a schedule that satisfies them. Last-minute call-outs, personal responsibilities and illnesses can all cause chaos with schedules.

Being caught in a restaurant that does not have enough waiters can be annoying for a lot of customers who are anxious to get their food. Many customers in this situation will empathize with the waiters. While they may not complain, they will keep a vivid memory of the sub-par service they received at the restaurant.

Restaurant management software can help cut out stress and significantly improve customer service by ensuring your establishment is always well staffed.

The top management tools will allow you to schedule your employees in a breeze, but more importantly it will allow employees to adjust their schedules in order meet their personal needs as well. Employees should be able to highlight shifts they would like to drop so that other staff members can pick them up. This will ensure employees are working when they want and not just because they have been forced to work. A happy employee will generally come to work with a more pleasant attitude and will be more likely to offer a customer better service.

Another important aspect a good application should incorporate is the ability to easily schedule routine tasks. Simple click and drop procedures in the software make it a breeze to pre-schedule staff to take care of tasks that may frequently be overlooked.


With cloud computing and the internet, customer service managers should be able to access their management tools at any time and from anywhere. This will make their jobs easier as they do not have to keep a mental list to update software when they are at a desk. The best applications can nowadays be accessed directly from smartphones.