It’s easy for your restaurant’s supply chain to become inefficient. All you need is one error-filled invoice for a conflict to arise between your chain and its suppliers. This is why online invoicing tools are a growing trend in the restaurant industry. Not only do they ensure the accuracy of sent and processed invoices, but they also continue ensuring a beneficial relationship with your suppliers without affecting the quality of your inventory. If you’re still using traditional invoicing techniques, the following are some reasons to embrace online invoicing right away.

Quicker Supplier Payments

Inefficient invoicing process, i.e. sending and processing invoices, is an issue that could result in delayed payments. It takes at least two business weeks for receiving and entering invoices into your business’ accounting software. Manual methods further slow the process, especially since paper-based invoices need to be scanned or input before processing. However, online invoicing software will speed up the process and ensure your supplier’s loyalty to your chain.

Complete and Accurate Invoices

By automating your invoicing process, you can forget about missing out on some costOnline Invoicing Software s. Traditionally, you would need to scan different receipts for one of your backend office staff to input every expense. This could lead to human error. Even if your data entry professional accurately crunches numbers, there’s always the risk of a receipt getting lost at your desk. On the other hand, an online invoicing tool will ensure that all invoices make their way to your inbox and ultimately your system. You can further allow suppliers to track the status of their invoices, giving them a chance to amend any mistakes early before your business relationship turns awry.

Data Retention and Security

Digitizing your supply chain through different systems including online invoicing tools will help you store data on all interactions such as invoice timing and past payments. This data is very important as it can act as proof of payment and even help you with business intelligence processes by offering insights into the weaknesses and strengths of your restaurant and its supplier relationships. Moreover, since the data will be stored in the cloud, sensitive financial information will be safe, secure and away from prying eyes. This is especially beneficial considering the fact that authorities mandate backing data to ensure compliance.

Environmental Sustainability

Eco-friendliness has become an important concern for many members of the restaurant industry. By opting for a web-based invoicing system, you can eliminate the excessive use of paper at your establishments. In addition to decreasing your carbon footprint, relying less on paper will slash the office supply expenses you incur monthly.

With so many benefits in store, it’s about time that you jump on the online invoicing bandwagon like top restaurant chains such as Taco Bell and Hooters. eRestaurant has helped thousands of our clients revolutionize the invoicing part of their supply chain, guaranteeing accuracy, easy access and much more. We complement our tool with a range of functions, including universal forecasting to determine the right quantities of food and avoid waste. You can further optimize your restaurant’s workflow, reporting capabilities, and employee schedules from this single yet powerful platform.

Managing your restaurant and ensuring its efficiency is no longer one of the toughest tasks you face. Find out how eRestaurant can benefit you by requesting a customized demo or calling (800) 654-6909 for more information.