For decades, restaurateurs have relied on hard paper documents for a range of operations including supply chain Restaurant Management Softwaremanagement, scheduling and sales. However, within the last decade, restaurants have embraced a host of technologies and software systems that automate both the front and back end of their businesses. As a result, they enjoy streamlined IT processes like members of other industries and boast a productive, efficient and cost-effective environment.

By introducing restaurant management software to your own restaurant, you can also reap the following five benefits.

#1) Effective Allocation of Resources

A restaurant manager system will take care of resource usage on your behalf. When it comes to your inventory, your restaurant management software can calculate how much you’ve used and forecast how much you’ll use in the future. Some of the best restaurant management software systems come with forecasting capabilities and can also order on your behalf- saving both time and money. Moreover, your restaurant manager will be spared from worrying about planning employee shifts since a comprehensive system should be able to schedule your workers effectively. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about absenteeism, tardiness and other issues that arise when your employees feel under pressure or unappreciated.

#2) Efficient On-boarding and Off-boarding

Restaurants are a revolving door for employment, which means your HR and IT department will be constantly adding and removing employees from your database. Robust restaurant management software will help you with this process, creating an automated process that starts as soon as a new employee is hired. The software can also help you train new workers, saving the time and effort your most experienced workers would have had to invest.

#3) Streamlined Reporting

The best restaurant management software systems will manage all the data pathways of your business, thereby making reporting an easier task that won’t exhaust the time and effort of your restaurant manager. Whether you need reports about workload performance of sales related statistics, you will get customized reports within minutes and without worrying about costly mistakes. Moreover, the system will help you generate ad hoc reports to suit the needs of different departments at your restaurant’s back end. Therefore, you can save their staff’s time and spare them the hassle of mining for data.

#4) Enhanced and Effective Negotiations

To negotiate effectively with your suppliers or vendors, you need to understand what you’re purchasing, the volume of your order, and the prices they charge as well as the cost in the market. By automating your inventory and supply chain, you’ll get concrete reports with this information. You can then provide your findings to procurement professionals to negotiate price breaks, discounts on larger orders, and favorable payment terms. These benefits will especially be useful if you tend to shop for ingredients from abroad since they will improve your bottom line.

#5) Compliance with Today’s Laws

Restaurants have their own set of compliance regulations to abide by. The reporting features of your restaurant manager system can help you deliver documents to authorities proving your compliance. Some systems go as far as reminding you of certain laws and integrating them in your processes. For example, you can have labor laws included in the software’s code, ensuring fair pay to everyone on your payroll.