One of the most important factors in assuring your restaurant business is successful is to build a broad base of loyal customers. Not only do loyal customers keep returning to your establishment, but they are likely to tell others about your restaurant as well.

Two attributes are critical in establishing this strong customer base. One is the quality of the food and the second is the quality of the service. Both of these factors need to be outstanding for you to make the right impression on your clients and to ensure you will get repeat business.

Labor Forecasting System Software

This article will focus on a labor forecasting system software, which can greatly affect the service you provide to your customers. The customer service you can offer will only be great if you have the appropriate staff present on-site to serve diners. Labor forecasting system software such as eRestaurant can help management better fulfill their staffing requirements. Here are five reasons you should use a labor forecasting system software:

1. Save on Labor Costs

Forecasting system software, like eRestaurant, can accurately predict future business and labor requirements to fulfill sales goals. This feature will predict business based on the prior year’s sales, allowing you to save on labor costs, which is often a restaurant’s most major expense. With a forecasting tool you will no longer need to guess when scheduling your employees, causing overstaffing or understaffing issues.

2. Never Let Your Customers Walk Away

When it comes to food, people are generally not too patient. If you under staff your restaurant in the hopes of achieving some savings, your customers will notice the lack of service.

Making your customers wait a long-time to be seated or while at their table without a waiter present to offer service can become very frustrating for everyone. What is even worse is when orders are taken, but your customers are forced to wait an inappropriate amount of time before receiving their meal. These types of experiences can leave diners with negative perceptions. A labor forecasting system software will help to guarantee there are always enough people on the schedule, ensuring prompt service for your diners.

3. Ensure Experience is on Hand

The right system software will allow you to schedule employees weeks in advance so you can be sure your best staff will be working during forecasted peak periods.

4. Empower Front-Line Staff

A schedule can allow managers to empower their employees in a number of ways. You can plan out shifts, produce schedules and give employees access to trade and pick up shifts, allowing your staff to work the hours that are best for them and ultimately the business. Giving your employees the ability to do this means the staff present on your floor at any time will want to be there and will be more motivated to work and provide excellent service to your customers.

5. Assign Fixed Tasks

Forecasting the labor you need to accomplish routine daily tasks like cleaning the grill or restocking paper supplies will let you know how many people you have working on any given day and will help you better allocate tasks. Necessary tasks can be assigned to staff based on the number of people working, making it easier to get things done efficiently.

eRestaurant is a powerful application that can allow you to improve your labor forecasting and complete all your staffing activities quickly and efficiently.