Generating a good employee schedule is vital for the restaurant industry. Not only does it reduce the risk of wasting money on over or under staffing but it also ensures that the schedule serves employees’ skills and needs and boosts their morale. An employee shift schedule generator also helps individuals in charge of scheduling the workforce, sparing them from dealing with piles of timetables, availability calendars, and employee requests pouring in.

Now you can choose to use your schedule generator as instructed. However, if you want to maximize its benefits and get better results, use the following five tips to leverage your software.

#1) Know Your Workforce

In order to truly benefit from your shift generator, you’ll need to create a list of the employees currently working at your restaurant. Along with their names and roles, you should have their contact information ready. Also enter their skill sets and certifications in order to effectively schedule their shifts. To further classify employees, note whether or not the employees are part-time or full-time and whether they have Shift Schedule Generatorany overtime restrictions that scheduling personnel should be aware of.

#2) Establish a Process for Staff Availability

One of the important bits of data to feed your employee shift schedule generator is your staff’s preferred work hours. In addition to promoting a collaborative environment, it’ll allow management to place staff in shifts that are convenient for both parties. However, make sure that your employees know that they may have to work other shifts to ensure uninterrupted service for all patrons. Luckily, you won’t have to handle this manually as the best software includes a communication portal that allows managers to receive input from their staff and message any changes almost instantly.

#3) Make the Schedule Accessible to All

To make the most of your schedule generator, ensure that the schedules are easy to view and access by your workforce. This will prevent the confusion and inefficiencies that follow when staff members disappear because they didn’t look at their schedules. Again, the best shift generator can help in this regard as it can have a portal where your employees can access their schedules and avoid misplacing them. Posting schedules online and delivering them directly to employees’ smartphones will ensure that your employees always know when they need to be at work.

#4) Prepare for the Worst

While scheduling your workforce, make sure to keep emergencies in mind. You should always have a plan B in case an employee doesn’t show up or has to leave due to an illness or other emergency. A good employee shift generator makes emergency replacements easy to find. However, to ensure all works as you expect during emergencies, make sure your managers create a defined set of rules regarding shift trades and absences and convey those rules to your crew.

#5) Always Schedule the Right Person for the Job at Hand

Using the staff list you created, you can decide which worker will be most effective during a specific shift. This is especially important if a certain store is currently understaffed and depending on just any employee to fill the open slots. Focus on optimizing your processes rather than just completing them using the best people for the current empty positions. Not only will that streamline operations, but it’ll have a positive effect on employee morale.

With these points in mind, you can make your employee shift schedule generator ensure higher ROI. However, you can further get the most from your software by choosing the best: eRestaurant. The award-winning solution is specifically designed for restaurants. Moreover, it covers all the factors which ensure that your restaurant remains efficient, starting from your supply chain to your inventory and all the way to workforce management.

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