Running a restaurant efficiently requires management to juggle a variety of responsibilities. These can be mundane tasks, such as assigning who takes out the garbage daily to complex inventory management systems. Restaurant managers can simplify these management responsibilities by using employee management system software. These programs can simplify all tasks related to human resource management within the restaurant. Here are a few activities where software can assist you:

Make Scheduling Employees as Easy as Counting 1, 2, 3

Each employee has a personal life which he or she has to deal with and private situations often overlap with work demands. Scheduling employees with various needs can certainly get complicated if you are using a manual system, but will become a breeze if you decide to use employee management system software in your restaurant.

It can be overwhelming to manage each employee’s varying availability with the staffing needs of a restaurant. Besides, with a manual system you need a detailed knowledge of labor laws. If you have minors working for you, this can get even more difficult as there might be specific labor rules just for underage employees. However, with good software many of these activities become routine tasks and scheduling goes from comEmployee Management System Softwareplicated to fast, intuitive, and simple.

Transfer Some Responsibility to Employees

Motivate your employees by giving them a little control over their working hours. Software that works well will allow employees to post shifts they cannot work and allows shifts to be traded. Employees should also be able to submit a request online for time off.

These software capabilities will allow management to not be as concerned with employee scheduling and absenteeism. Rather, they will be able to focus on more important issues; such as ensuring the patrons have an excellent dining experience.

Besides, an employee who has accepted a shift willingly from a colleague rather than being assigned the work hours is more likely to be more motivated as he or she wants to be at work during those hours. This should also help increase productivity.

Maintain a Fixed Task Schedule

A restaurant operation has many simple tasks that need to be scheduled daily, otherwise they can easily be skipped. Simple responsibilities such as who has to receive deliveries, clean restrooms, wipe tabletops, or mop floors all need to be specifically assigned to someone so that in case these tasks are not completed management can know which employee is avoiding their duties.

Although these may be menial tasks, scheduling the right personnel can eat up a manager’s time quickly, especially if there are numerous shift changes and absent employees. Using an employee management system can assist management in scheduling all tasks in a relatively quick and efficient manner.

Ensure Store Management is Always Present

For a popular restaurant to work efficiently the presence of store managers is essential. If no store manager is onsite then it is absolutely imperative to have an assistant manager working during that time so that they can assume leadership responsibilities.

A good employment management system helps highlight key personnel and ensures they are scheduled up to a month in advance or even longer. This allows the employee to plan his work and personal activities so there are no conflicts.

Always having key personnel on site will allow your operations to run smoothly and will result in patrons enjoying a happy dining experience.

Sharing Employees is a Breeze

There are certain employees that are a manager’s dream. They rarely miss work and if they do, it is for valid reasons. They show up on time, work hard, complete all their assigned work, tackle extra responsibilities, and are great with other employees and customers.

With the right software, these in-demand individuals can be tracked and shared between sites. The “home restaurant” can be selected and their schedule can be shared among all the locations of a particular organization. The manager at each location can see when that particular employee is scheduled and view any scheduled days off. Each manager can then assign the employee to work at their specific location without double booking the employee.

If a manager accidentally creates a schedule with a booking issue, the software will alert the manager to the booking conflict so that they can reassign employees before finalizing the schedule.