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Your guests expect good drinks fast, and they also demand great prices delivered by cheerful bartenders and wait staff. With shrinking margins caused by increasing inventory and labor costs, this is becoming harder to deliver consistently, week after week and month after month. Altametrics Enterprise Office from Altametrics has helped countless organizations like yours, including the number one restaurant operator in the world, to control labor and food costs while also providing the excellent experiences guests demand.

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Empower Your Workforce

Bartenders and waiters are notorious for last-minute schedule changes which can rapidly drive a manager insane. But with the Altametrics Enterprise Office mobile team center, employees can view their schedule on their mobile phones and swap shifts with one another when necessary. The manager approves the swap, but he doesn’t need to call everyone to find a last-minute replacement when someone can’t take their shift. This frees time for managers to manage rather than deal with scheduling issues, making for a happier, more engaged workforce and managment team.

Forecast-Driven Sales Success

Everything starts with a good sales forecast which helps you know how many employees to schedule and when they should work, aligning labor costs with projected sales. You also know how much inventory to order so waste is reduced and inventory costs stay under control.

Control Employee Theft

According to the National Restaurant Association, theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages, which translates to approximately 4% of total sales. With Business Intelligence from Altametrics Enterprise Office, you gain insight into where and when theft is occurring and can take appropriate action to prevent losses.

Mobile Inventory Cuts Inventory Time In Half

Everyone dreads taking inventory because, frankly, it’s a pain. With Altametrics Enterprise Office Mobile Inventory, managers minimize footsteps and effort because counts are arranged in a logical ‘shelf to sheet’ order.After quantities are entered into a tablet or mobile phone they are instantly updated without the painful extra data entry step needed when taking inventory with pencil and paper. There’s no messy handwriting to decipher so counts are not only updated more quickly, but they are more accurate too.

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